Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Policy

Human resource policy of Ampharco U.S.A unifies the fairness and transparency of the recruitment process and appoints the right people for the right job. We are working with clear goals and recognized achievements, and always respecting human values and being able to learn and develop themselves.

AMPHARCO U.S.A recruitment policy:

  • The media and internal publicity
  • According to hiring needs and standards
  • Attract good background, creative thinking, breakthrough, dynamic young employees through the internship program
  • Employees with working experience in the pharmaceutical industry for technical and managerial positions is prior right

At AMPHARCO U.S.A, we have a lot of HR Programs that involves in approaching resources outside the labor market and looking for young talents from universities:

  1. Human Resources Recruitment Program

    Ampharco U.S.A is open recruiting in both internal and public media complying the below procedure:

    Step 1- APPLICATION (Toggle)

    • Job vacancies
    • Application form
    • HR Department will contact applicants who meet the recruitment requirements of Ampharco U.S.A when completed application form.

    Step 2- SELECTION

    • After screening the CVs of candidates, HR Department will contact the appropriate candidates for a short telephone interview and schedule interview meeting.
    • It will take around from 3 to 10 working days to arrange telephone interview from candidates applying depending on the match between the candidate's information and the recruitment requirements.

    Step 3 – INTERVIEW

    • HR Department performs the 1st interview round, focusing on skills and personal capacity to suit the job and corporate culture. Online or print assessment tools can be used to objectively assess candidate's ability and thinking as well as his personality.
    • The head of the specialized department will focus on skills and professional experience at 2nd interview round
    • For some managerial or special expertise positions will be interviewed by the Board of Director.

    Step 4 – JOB OFFER

    • HR Department will send the job offer letters to the qualified candidates. New employees will participate in integration training to adapt to the organization on the first working day.
    • HR Department send thank-you letters to unsuitable candidates and keep their profiles in company data system for subsequent recruitment.
    The result of final interview round will be informed within 3-7 working days.

  2. Association Career Program with Universities
    • Ampharco U.S.A build the relationship with pharmaceutical or relevant Colleges and Universities to share career opportunities and career orientation for final- year students.

    • Joining in Career Day with prestigious universities and training centers

    • Supporting programs of cooperation training to research of medicines, quality control,... for post-graduate

    • Internships entry

  3. Internship admission program
    • Ampharco U.S.A accepts internships in the following departments: Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Finance Accounting, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance,…
    • Conditions for joining the program:

      • Students in 3 - 4 years at relevant Colleges / Universities

      • Students who has achieved good academic performance from good or better (average score final from 6.5 / 10 or 2.5 / 4.0 or higher)

      • Positive attitude with results orientation

      • Clear identity records

    • Benefits of joining the program:

      • To be applied learned knowledge into the practical work as well as gain working experience.

      • To be recruited after internship period if it is good evaluation for vacancies